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Why AutomateEm


AutomateEm develops IOT based solutions for house hold and industrial needs. We provide a mobile application with which your electrical appliances can be accessed and controlled.

The appliances can also be controlled with voice commands irrespective of this existing manual stage (EX: ON/OFF stage of physical switch)

We are working for few years to make your life more comfortable. For decades we are using same method of controlling our homes, while everything around us is being automated.

We wanted to change it, we want to bring life to our homes. We do have our own research and development center, where our team conduct research on our existing products and new upcoming technologies.

We have our own manufacturing center in Hyderabad, where our automated products come in to life. We are a passionate set of engineers, aiming to make common man life simpler, efficient at a reasonable cost. This drives our day. There AutomateEm started and today we are here with most efficient product, now its your turn to Step into future with AutomateEm.

Let's make something great together

Found yourself in a wide entry with IOT solutions