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AutomateEm introduces IOT-based Home Appliances Trials to prevent people from the spread of COVID-19. - 25th March 2020.

Have you ever imagined you could control and monitor your home’s electrical devices and facilities all from your Smartphone from anywhere in the world? Oh Yes, that’s like a dream, isn’t it? Home automation is the solution for this.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, the major source of disease spread is through direct/ indirect contact of the infected person or the aseptic environment. Currently, the world is witnessing a COVID-19 pandemic unimaginable to most of us. In this critical time. AutomateEm products enhance individual hygiene by avoiding the direct contact of switches and other electrical appliances.

Multiple people use the same switch to operate on daily bases by which the switch may act as a virus transporter from one person to another without there knowledge. You can overcome this in the near future by opting for the touchless operation by AutomateEM smart products like retrofit devices and touchscreen switchboards where you can operate the electrical appliances from your mobile application and through voice commands via Alexa and Google home.

The home automation turns your house into a smart home. Smart homes connect appliances that make our lives comfortable, more convenient, and very comfortable. A smart home is a place that uses Internet-connected devices to enable remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems, such as lighting, HVAC, home safety, security cameras, air quality and water quality monitoring, voice assistants, infotainment delivery, motion sensors, smart switches and smart energy meters.

Here are advantages of IOT in Home Automation:

Security: There are inbuilt security Systems that enable you to keep an eye on all the activities happening in your house remotely, 24X7, via your Smartphone. If anything seems fishy, you automatically get notified on your phone, and you can operate it accordingly. According to the conducted survey, 90% of people have mentioned security as the main reason behind opting for home automation.

Convenience: One of the most important factors that we look for! It is one of the biggest advantages of home automation using IoT. You have the control of all your devices connected through the system. It is convenient for you to have all the devices adjusted just through your Smartphone. For instance, if you forgot to switch off the Geyser before you leave work, you can always turn it off from the workplace.

Controlling Curtains: Home automation also makes remote blinds and curtains control possible as you can open and close all your window shadings from anywhere in your home as well as allowing you to control them using your Smartphone, you can set a program to lower blinds and sun-screens to automatically lower during extreme sunlight thereby keeping your house cool during summers and saving on energy and utility costs. From opening half curtains to full curtains, automation gives you complete control.

Smart Switchboards: Another important appliance under home automation. Smart switchboard is a retrofit module that can fit into your regular home switchboards and gives you access to control all your lights and fans using your Smartphone. You can also dim your lights if you have dimmable lights and regulate the fan speed.

Virtual Voice assistants are paving the way for complete home automation. Alexa by Amazon, HomePod by Apple and Google home by Google are some of the virtual personal assistants available in the market. Virtual assistant’s works on natural language processing (NLP) system to match user voice or text inputs to prosecute commands. With this, you can set up one command that performs several actions at once. For instance, you can say “Alexa,

bye-bye” and the application will lock the doors, adjust the temperature and turn off the lights. To get started, you need to obtain a voice assistant device and then install their respective app in your Smartphone. After pairing the device with your smart appliances, you can perform all functions by giving a command or even by using the installed app.

Truly Be The Master Of Your Home

With our next-gen home automation mobile app, control your home easily, efficiently and more conveniently. Start or stop any appliance with just a touch of your fingertips from your smartphone.

“Works with Amazon Echo Alexa & Google Home”


Accessibility: Manage home appliances from anywhere in the world.

Multi-Access: Allow multiple members of family or team to operate appliances.

Voice Control: Access all switches with voice commands through Alexa or Google Home.

Device Scheduling: Time your appliances like AC, Water heaters, Curtains etc to work every day when you desire.

Group Operation: Group various devices to access and control through a single click.

Complete Safety:  Get instant notification for any intrusion in you home.

Easy Set-Up: AutomateEm integrates seamlessly with your existing physical switches.